A Wrinkle in Time (Time, #1)

A Wrinkle in Time (Time, #1) - Madeleine L'Engle I enjoyed this, but like many middle-grade books I've read as an adult, I think I would appreciated it more as a middle schooler. There were several aspects of the world not really adequately explained. (I mean why can't the Mrs. Ws go with them to fight IT?? They never give a reason.) Also, the ending was incredibly rushed and rather simplistic.

Also not related to the book itself, but after reading this, I'm really worried about good the movie will be. Reese Witherspoon does not match my mental picture of Mrs. Whatsit at all. Also Chris Pine as Mr. Murry?? He's supposed to a nerdy scientist who's been trapped in prison for who knows how long--not a buff, attractive dude. Also, because it's Hollywood, they'll probably get rid of all the Christian references, which will weaken the story. I'll be try to be positive about the movie, but my comparison of the book vs. casting is not hopeful.