2017 End of the Year Reading

I have determined that to finish the reading challenges I started this year and to finish the various academic books I have out from my university library, I will need to read 19 books by December 31. I was going to list them all in this post, but I decided to make a 2017 TBR shelf instead if you want to see my list. 19 is not a huge amount, but my reading has steadily decreased throughout the year due to school and work. I upped my reading goal to 90 books because I've read 72 so far and 19 more would make 91 for the year.


Will I read all these books? Perhaps, although the academic books are dense and take me longer to read. I'm also taking 2 classes, working part-time, and, because I'm graduating in 2.5 months, I'm also meant to be dedicating a lot of time to looking for full-time work. And I think I have to return the academic books by early December to graduate, so it's more likely I end up taking them back unread and either pay to get them through Inter-Library Loan later on, or remove them from my TBR completely.