TBR Conundrum

I am once again considering totally deleting my TBR. This is a semi-regular internal debate that I have with myself, triggered by the fact that I read a book that was not on my TBR.


I always feel guilty when I read books that were not on my TBR, even though I realize that this is silly. I'm never going to read all the books I want and I'll die someday with having books on my TBR. So what does it matter?


But I still feel guilty.


And then I think, "Well if I deleted everything, I could read whatever and feel no guilt."


And then I think, "But if I delete everything, I'll forget about some great books."


And THEN I think, "Well if you forget them, are they really worth reading?"


And on and on and then I never make a decision.


I don't think deleting my TBR is really a good idea. I think I need to just get over this guilt of reading new releases and/or books that aren't on my TBR. 


My TBR isn't even that big when compared to a lot of people's--I have 137 books on there at the moment. I started the year with 136, so an increase of 1 book over the year isn't that bad. I just need to accept that there are books that I haven't gotten to and that I might not get to for a long time. It's not like languishing on my TBR for years hurts the book's feelings....