Have spent a very slow work day updating my 3 book sites: Goodreads, LibraryThing, and BooklIkes. Some notes to myself as I stop for now:


There are 2 books on my GR/LT TBR that aren't on Booklikes: A Storied Life by Leigh Kramer and the Love God Greatly Philippians Study Guide.


There's allegedly still one book unaccounted for; however it may be a cache issue as my "Not in Local Library" shelf here on BookLikes shows 24 books while GR only shows 23. But when I actually counted the books on that shelf here on Booklikes, there indeed are only 23. So if that shelf is not updating, then it's possible my overall shelf number is not updating either. I will come back in a few days to see if it has fixed itself.


So Booklikes says I have 157 TBR books vs. GR's 160. Booklikes should say 158. If it hasn't fixed itself the next time I look at Booklikes, I'll try to figure out the missing book.


Glad my book sites needed updating as today was VERY SLOW at work. I just started working as a librarian at a public library and because I'm new, my only task is to sit at the reference desk all day. But we'll in the lull between spring break and summer so I didn't help many patrons today. Too bad my book sites don't need major updates all the time!